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In most instances, cases are referred to Nevada Veterinary Cardiology, LLC by the primary veterinarian. Call 775-853-9669 to schedule a consultation at your regular veterinary hospital. In some cases, your pet may be seen at Veterinary Specialists of Nevada or at Animal Emergency Center. Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday. If you find it necessary to change or cancel your appointment, please call to let us know as soon as possible. Pets referred for specialized services are then referred back to your primary veterinarian for follow up care. Patients that require ongoing specialized care are either managed with a follow up cardiology visit or by phone or fax consultations between your regular veterinarian and Dr. Hosking.

What to bring
On your first evaluation it is very important to bring all pertinent medical materials for review by Dr. Hosking. This will prevent unnecessary repetition of previously performed tests. Your primary veterinarian will provide you with a NVC referral sheet summarizing your pet's medical history, copies of recent blood work, recent radiographs (x-rays) and/or ECG's. These materials will be reviewed and returned to you or your regular veterinarian. If your pet is being medicated, please bring all medications with you.

What to expect
Initially, a detailed medical history will be obtained by Dr. Hosking and the medical record is reviewed. The cardiologist will then perform a thorough cardiovascular physical exam. Additional diagnostic testing that is recommended will be discussed with you and is typically performed at the same visit. An echocardiogram is performed on most patients. After the work-up is completed we will have a thorough discussion of the problem including cause, severity, symptoms to watch for in the future and a treatment plan. Follow up care will be discussed and your questions will be addressed. Your initial visit will last about 90 minutes. Every attempt is made to stay on schedule, but given the mobile nature of the cardiology service, occasional delays are infrequent and unavoidable.

Following your visit, your veterinarian will receive a discharge summary including exam findings, results of tests and treatment recommendations. You will receive a patient discharge summary as well.

Payment policy
In some cases you will pay for the NVC services at your regular veterinary hospital and in some cases, you will pay NVC directly. Payment is expected at the time services are provided. NVC accepts cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Should you wish to discuss estimated costs prior to your visit, please let us know.


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